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Insiders' guide to the northern lights

contrast, This week the graders are creating their own versions of the Northern Lights in pastels. I start the lesson by reviewing how we created volumes with diagonal lines in the last project we did together, the Souther Salazar Dream Machine drawing.


Niagara Falls, Canada-USA. Possibly the best known waterfalls in the world. What an incredible sight! @explore


Fall of the Leaf; by Walter E Spradbery, 1933. Just as leisure travel into the areas beyond central London was promoted to increase revenue during off-peak periods, commuters were encouraged to live further out from the city in the new suburbs for commercial reasons. Posters advertising days out by Tube, bus or tram were prominently displayed at station entrances and on the vehicles themselves, reminding travellers of the natural wonders that lay in store outside of city limits.


Ice circles were formed along the edge of the lake in Port, Union few days after the snow storm, Scarborough, Ontario ~ By Marvin Evasco


Many girls could juggle 2 or 3 balls at a time against a wall. Their complex games involved high speed bouncing moves and when that became too tame they would toss the ball between their legs or twirl around before catching the ball. All of this was accompanied by singing of various rhymes.