It has been way too long since we have had a vegan recipe. And we were doing so well in our pledge to have one a week, or at the most every other week. It has been a long, hot and challenging summe…

Carrots (instead of pigs) In a Blanket — Vegan Recipe

Carrots in a blanket! Tasty, cheap and easy vegan recipes by Sandra Vungi: Carrots in a blanket

How to Make Marvelous Mutt Loaf for Your Dog

How to Make Marvelous Mutt Loaf for Your Dog. DIY Network shows you how to make a homemade treat for your dog, including carrots and other ingredients for your dog's health.

Dog Food Recipes - Dog Food Homemade  Homemade Dog Food for your budget and your dog's health  "Bacon Leftover meats that have been unseasoned (I’ll purposely unseason or put off to the side meat we’re having for her) Extra virgin olive oil Any other vegetables such as broccoli, asparagus, green beans, etc.  All of these are so great for her. Chicken broth (unsalted, unseasoned) spinach squash pumpkin brussel sprouts carrots zucchini lean meats salmon apples, berries; other fruits dogs can…

Dog Food Recipes - Dog Food Homemade

I never expected to be that dog mom that makes her own dog food for her animal. But we treat our dog exactly like what she is, a member of our family. We love her and, yes, we spoil her. And so does both set of grandparents. But there are two reasons

Vegan carrot "hot dogs" -- very clever idea, can't wait to try this.

Vegan Carrot "Hot Dogs"

Vegan Carrot "Hot Dogs" – Clean Eating Veggie Girl Gotta try this! She says they actually taste like hot dogs!

fennel-roasted carrot & shallot salad with shaved apples | dolly and oatmeal

fennel-roasted carrot + shallot salad w/ shaved apples

fennel roasted carrot + shallot salad w/ shaved apple // dolly and oatmeal

Essential Habanero Hot Sauce from   								   From  "Adjust the heat by adding fewer habaneros, not by increasing the carrots as this can alter the flavor & decrease the acidity. This version of the recipe is designed to be processed in a water bath.

Essential Habanero Hot Sauce

Essential Habanero Hot Sauce (process in water bath for 30 minutes adding boiling water to keep jars covered)

Making Fun Memories with Oreo Cookie Balls (Pirulitos ou Bombons de Oreo)... | From Brazil To You

Oreo Cookie Balls

This easy, cheesy recipe features the super food, quinoa, to make a healthy, bite-sized snack that the whole family will love.

Lovin that l'il tummy...

Sweet Scottie puppy can't quite reach the gumdrops. Look at his floppy ear and little tail~I want to hug him forever!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Frozen Pops Recipe on Yummly. @yummly #recipe

Do you want to know how to make gourmet dog treats at home for less? Bake dog biscuits like you see in gourmet dog bakeries with our helpful tips and techniques!

This recipe is for all of my fellow people out there who treat their dogs like their children.  This past week marked our precious puppy Lucca’s first birthday!  Of course he had to have a special treat to celebrate, so I whipped up these healthy dog friendly cupcakes.  We’re usually really picky about what heRead more

Pumpkin Carrot "Pupcakes"

Even our four-legged friends can hop on the pumpkin everything train. This recipe for Pumpkin Carrot Pupcakes is easy and is every dog& favorite dessert!

Homemade Tuna Bite Cat Treats. Easy DIY treats for our feline friends! #homemade #diy #cats

Homemade Tuna Bite Cat Treats Easy Diy Treats For Our Feline Friends Homemade Diy Cats

I Love You More Than Carrots: Changing Table Organization & Must-Haves!

I Love You More Than Carrots: Changing Table Organization & Must-Haves! why can't i find bright colored basket's!