Can cats see ghosts

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I love this. There is something awesome to see animals coexisting, caring for each other

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Cats and ghosts, a strange mutual fear relationship? Some people wonder if cats can see ghosts or sense spirits. Well, it is a fact that animals have higher, more acute senses than human beings. They can certainly hear things before we can. Folks claim that when their cats are staring into space or see

We continue to be awed by Serbian artist Endre Penovác's ability to somehow control the unforgiving nature of water on paper to produce ghostly paintings of felines. As the mixture of water and black ink bleeds in every direction it appears to perfectly mimic the cat's fur.

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The woman with superhuman sight: Scientists say they have found doctor who can see 99 MILLION more colours than average human// While she can't see through walls or turn her eyes into a heat ray, the unidentified woman is a 'tetrachromat', with the ability to see much greater colour depth than almost everyone else in the world. (click for more)

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