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If This Is True, My Crush Must Still Be Awake

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Soul mates minds are connected from birth

There’s an old tale that says soul mates’ minds are connected from birth. When you can’t sleep, your soul mate can’t sleep either. So next time you’re laying awake, know that somewhere, someone is laying awake, too. #love #romantic #quotes

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arcanemysteries: I Can’t Fucking Sleep Tarot...

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A Prayer for When I Can't Sleep

A Prayer for When I Can't Sleep- this week's Whimsical Wednesday post. Bloggers- love to have you link up!

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Bedtime Yoga: Stretch Your Way to Better Sleep

After a long day of class unwind before going to bed with these yoga stretches from Crane and Canopy:

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13 Ways To Fall Asleep When You Can't Stop Tossing And Turning

13 Ways To Fall Asleep When You Can’t Stop Tossing And Turning

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I'm in this endless cycle between 'I can't sleep' and 'I can't stay awake'. Download the #WhisperApp for more on #Ucla