Campbell’s soup produces limited edition Andy Warhol soup cans.

To celebrate the anniversary of Andy Warhol's famous 32 Campbell's Soup Cans, Campbell's Soup created these very special pop art tomato soups cans.

Campbell's Soup I: Tomato. A classic work of art by Andy Warhol

Campbell's Soup I, 1968


Andy Warhol and his muse: The Campbell Soup Can

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When I was walking through Target the other day, I found Andy Warhol's art on actual Campbell's soup cans. What an amazing thing, the art showing up on the shelf. I was excited and bought one of each can and couldn't resist eating a bowl of tomato soup

Andy Warhol Prints...Art and the images change!  Print out for an easy planning portion or as an intro.

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Empty Andy Warhol Campbell's soup cans — kids can practice adding their own "curving" labels.

Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (Pink and Red)

Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (Pink and Red)

Andy Warhol - Campbells Soup Can - c. 1965 - Pink/Red - x in. - Bring a piece of Pop Art history home with the Andy Warhol - Campbells Soup Can - c. 1965 - Pink/Red - x in. Do it for the love of Andy or.

This iconic dress is called "The Souper Dress." It was made in 1966-1967. It was inspired by pop art. "Pop art featured glorified representations of ordinary objects such as soda cans and cartoon figures."

"The Souper Dress" -- A Warhol-Inspired Pop Art Paper Dress by Campbell’s Soup Company

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Andy Warhol was the superstar of the Pop Art movement. His "Campbell's Soup Cans" and "Gold Marilyn Monroe" made him famous worldwide, and his studio, known as "The Factory," became a magnet for artists of the counterculture.

Andy Warhol This piece of the work he created is very bold with the bright colours her used different type of collage. this is very eye catchy. His work looks very interesting, he shows alot of things that is going on his work.

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Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (pink & red)

Avant-garde artist Andy Warhol is known for his creative flair, and for turning every day objects—like the Campbell's soup can—into pop culture icons. Campbell's Soup Can, 1965 (pink & red)

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Campbell's Soup Art Print - Poster - Many Sizes

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