Camp Jupiter. I'm a Roman and I'm proud. I think more people in this fandom need to stop hating on Greeks or Romans and just realize that Greeks and Romans are apart of each other. Honestly, it irratates me when Greeks bash on Romans.

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Pshh. Stupid romans. They just don't know how undescribely awesome Athena (Minerva, whatever) is.

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Once again...another map, this time of Rick Riordan's mirror image of Camp Halfblood for the Romans, Camp Jupiter...

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@Gayatri Unnikrishnan am already planning Winter Break. Let's somehow find this place and find Camp Half Blood and tell Reyna.

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Two of the greatest things ever created in one picture. Percy Jackson, and High School Musical. :D <<< oh wow.. PJO definitely, not so sure about hsm though.. But I still like the pin

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