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Jungle Camouflage Makeup Stack

Army stupidity doesn't diminish with distance. 1965. 18 years old. Kitchener Barracks, Singapore. '"Jungle Familiarisation" sitting on plastic chairs in the NAAFI, looking at I Spy Charts stuck on the wall and listening to an earnest talk about using condoms... 'Camouflaged Buttocks': A Short Story by Bob Le Vaillant.

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ROUND 2 SEMI-FINALISTL: JONNI CHEATWOOD Unsure of what he wanted to do for his career, Jonni took a chance on an Intro to Painting course in college. After completing an assignment to remake a Jackson Pollack painting, he was hooked as an artist. Constantly inspired by his surroundings and pop culture, he keeps a notebook on him at all times in order to record his ideas as they occur. Where do you look for inspiration? How do you get your creative juices flowing? I read a lot, watch…

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Whether you’re hiding from a turkey or accessorizing your camo wardrobe, there’s a face-paint plan for you.

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Here's your guide to finding the right face paint for you. #camo #hunting’s-guide-to-face-paint?dom=fas&loc=hpslider2&lnk=IMG