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REFUGIO BENAVIDES - Texas unsung hero. In June, 1864, a battle took place between Confederate and Union forces at Las Rusias, Cameron County. Benavides joined his forces with John Salmon "Rip" Ford's to overrun Union forces. Ford, a colonel of the Second Texas Cavalry who engaged in border operations protecting Confederate-Mexican trade, praised Benavides for his gallant conduct during the battle.

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Cameron County is an outdoor paradise! Ninety-seven percent of the county is covered in pine and mixed hardwood forests. Its forests, rivers and lakes provide rich habitat for bald eagles, magnificent elk, and other woodland creatures great and small.

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Texas Death Row Inmate John Rubio - On March 11, 2003, in Cameron County, Texas, Rubio and codefendant Maria Camacho fatally stabbed and beheaded Rubio's two-month-old daughter, his one-year-old son and Camacho's three-year-old daughter.

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