Nine month-old Clouded leopard named Ganda on her last day at the Neonatal Assisted Care Unit at the San Diego Zoo

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Maven to bring more than 100 Chevrolet Bolt EVs to Los Angeles - Roadshow Maven GMs car-sharing scheme has proven quite successful in Los Angeles. And that success may grow even more once it deploys a whole bunch of Bolt EVs into its fleet. Maven announced that it plans to add more than 100 Chevrolet Bolt EV electric cars into Los Angeles car-sharing fleet. It will also add the vehicles to the Lyft Express Drive program which gives Lyft drivers access to weekly GM vehicle rentals…

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Grilled Macaroni and Cheese Sandwich | This grilled macaroni and cheese is going to rock your snacking world. @kirbiecravings

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PoshFest San Diego with The CEO of Poshmark! Last night, my dreams as a business woman, entrepreneur, and fashionista came true. I had the HONOR and privilege of meeting Manish Chandra, CEO of Poshmark. It’s a real testament to his powerhouse company that he and his DREAM team knew exactly who I was when introducing myself… [“Kylie Brienn! You have the photos in front of the white door!”] I mean whhaattt? Do you know how many Poshers there are in this world? Unreal. Thank you, Team Posh…

Hoping to build a “Khan Academy for real-world skills,” Modern Lessons is a natural extension of what Edudemic founders Jeff Dunn and Katie Lepi were already doing. Now, not only is the duo continuing to inform teachers, students and administrators about the latest education technology—they’re teaching the masses how to use a wide range of tech in general.

This swarm of underwater robots mimics ocean life Read more Technology News Here --> Plankton the tiny creatures and plants that drift along with ocean currents are absolutely vital to the health of our planet. Without them there'd be no life in the sea. But we don't know that much about them. Their lives occur on such tiny scales that it's tricky to get a good look at how they behave in the wild. So instead researchers have turned to robots…

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