Bridge of Sighs by Cambridge University, via Flickr. #UK

Bridge of Sighs, Cambridge University, England. Photo: Cambridge University - Cambridge is officially the best!

Cambridge University

The AICE program was designed by Cambridge University, and has English terminology we may be unfamiliar with. Make sure you don't accidentally confuse terms.

Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge, England.

Gonville and Caius college, Cambridge. Perhaps my first choice for a college should I prove fortunate to be accepted into Cambridge. This happens to be my FAVORITE team on University Challenge. Also, Stephen Hawking!

The River Cam in front of the colleges of Cambridge University

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Cambridge University is characterized less by a proper campus than a collection of colleges, medieval churches, courtyards, and wisteria-filled gardens. The town of Cambridge originated in Roman times, and the university dates back to 1209. The exact founding story is unknown, but the version told to Cambridge students recounts that some Oxford scholars chased out after the accidental shooting of a peasant fled to Cambridge, where they established a new university. The prestigious university…

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CAMBRIDGE With the spires of its university buildings framed by towering trees and expansive meadows, and its medieval streets and passages enhanced by gardens and riverbanks, the city of Cambridge is among the loveliest in England. Well-preserved medieval buildings sit cheek-by-jowl next to the latest in modern architecture (for example, the William Gates Building, which houses Cambridge University’s computer laboratory) in this growing city dominated culturally and architecturally by its…

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Wonderful aerial shot of Cambridge University

a Picture of Cambridge University where John Williams went to school and has a library there

Cambridge. England. Punting on the Cam  River with the the  Cambridge University bridges in the background.

Punting on the Cam River with the the Cambridge University bridges in the background.