[ fc : cameron dallas ]" hey guys! i'm cameron, I'm 19 and I'm youtube, instagram,vine ( rip vine :T ) and just all around famous " I laugh " I'm very sweet and friendly, I have a sister named liza and I love her to pieces, we get along very well :), Intro?

[cam dallas] cameron] hey I'm Cameron, but call me cam. I'm planning to major in business and marketing. *i smile* I like to hike, but friends make me go to parties.

Cameron Dallas}I'm Cameron I'm 16 and single I play football and I love all my fans Alexa is my bestie *smiles

::Cameron Dallas::"hey I'm cam. I'm 17 and I'm not single, I'm dating Madison beer in secret because he parents don't really want her dating.

MAGCON Updates on

MAGCON Updates on

(cameron dallas) Hi im Cameron, son of Zeus. I like storms and i ocasionally surf. I am dating Emma.

Ok so I know this is late but happy birthday Cam love you

::cam Dallas::"hey I'm cam"I smile"I'm 18 and single. I'm looking for a girl that will make me happy. I'm very kind and social. I'm a Viner and I'm apart of Magcon. I have a sister named Aspen, we're pretty close.mwell that's it about me, come say hi?

Cameron Dallas sexy

"I'm Cameron I'm 17 and single " "I'm fine with going to bed"

12-10-16: he's cuter in the puppy filter than every girl who's ever tried.                                                                                                                                                                                 More

I didn't know what it felt like to smile and actually feel something until I met you❤️❤️❤️❤️love you Cameron Alexander🔐