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Calories In Pulled Pork

BBQ pulled pork

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Beef goulash - halve the water, cook on low for 8 hours and add the peppers in the last hour to make this slow-cooker friendly.


Spicy pepper pulled pork

Slow cooked spicy pepper pulled pork will have the whole family licking their lips! The meat is smokey but juicy and just works piled on baked sweet potatoes with coleslaw. The pork is cooked in a mixture of ketchup, vinegar, Worcestershire sauce and honey - this mix makes the pork juicy as well as tasty. If you want your pulled pork to taste extra smoky, cook it or finish it on the BBQ. Try this pork on baked sweet potatoes or burger buns and serve with crackling, coleslaw and rocket salad.


Lamb and pearl barley casserole with mustard parsley dumplings

This lamb casserole recipe can be made ahead of time then put in the freezer for a cold evening. The cheesy dumplings will win everyone's heart.


Skinny Meals Under 300 Calories To Start the New Year

Skinny Meals Under 300 Calories To Start the New Year #resolutions #weightloss #mealprep


The seitan recipe that swept the vegan web! The calories in viable wheat gluten or protein is very high.... much too high to use for fasting days like I was hoping but might be nice for vegan dinner guests : /


Yep, These Slow Cooker Recipes Are Easy AND Healthy