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Calories In Blue Moon

from Natalie Eng | Pâtisserie & Food Photography

S/mores Layered Cake

Every once in a blue moon, I develop the crave and appetite for a tall, heavy, layered American cake. I think the real crave is in the assembly of one. My hands itch to stack and layer on cream or ganache between each cake and I must say, I enjoy crumb coating and coating a layered cake. It's extremely therapeutic for me since this isn't my style of dessert so doing it occasionally provides me with a great sense of calm and fun.  This is my take on a S'mores Cake. I love digestives and…

from Moondragon Cards

Once in a Blue Moon

Specialists in pagan, mystical and fantasy greetings cards for almost any occasion, including handfastings and pagan festivals. Find cards with faeries and angels, dragons and unicorns, gods and goddesses, mythical scenes, celtic and gothic themes.


The Calories in Blue Moon Beer

Hair Growth & Moon Phases

from How Sweet It Is

Crispy Zucchini Grilled Cheese with Dijon Horseradish Aioli

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