Classroom Planning: Calming Colors in the Classroom

Classroom Planning: Calming Colors in the Classroom

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15 Smart Ideas to Help Kids Calm Down and Manage Anger and Anxiety

After seeing a Calm Down Kit on pinterest, I decided to make my own, inspired from "The Autism Adventures of Room 83." This blog c...

This is a quick visual guide that can be provided to children to help them take part in a self- regulation coping strategy.

Time out bottles. Might be good for children with SEN or just to distract children who really need to calm down.

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To calm the child and the parent! Time out bottles. Time out glitter bottles. Crafts to make for kids.

Fidgets calm down corner

Creating a Calm Down Corner

Ideas for how to use fidgets at a calm down corner in your classroom- ways to help your anxious kids, energetic kids, or kiddos who are just having "one of those days"

Behavior management Calm Down Kit for special education classroom management. Behavior visual lanyard

Calm Down Kit- Visual Behavioral Management Tools for Students with Autism