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Bodyscapes “Israeli artist Ronit Bigal meticulously presents excerpts from sacred Biblical texts on the human body in her Body Scripture IIseries. Like Allan Teger’s Bodyscapes, Bigal gets in close to the contours of the human form, re-imagining the body as an abstract landscape. On the grooved, fleshy expanse, the artist systematically applies black Indian ink calligraphy in Hebrew that reveals passages of scripture.


Kazuaki Tanahashi- I met this artist at a calligraphy convention and I had him sign my book but not with this size brush.

from IdeaFixa

O trabalho delicado e preciso de do designer da Indonédia Dexa Muamar.       Siga no insta: “If You’re going to be Weird, be Confident about it” – anon #letteringmalang #kaligrafina #belmenid Uma foto publicada por Dexa Muamar (@dekedex) em Abr 25, 2016 às 1:16 PDT