WAKE UP & PAY ATTENTION, CALIFORNIA! Law Enforcement, Mayors Join Senate Democrats in Proposals to Curb Gun Violence (AKA further infringe on our freedoms!)

California Law that begins Jan 1, 2014. Only Religious Exemptions allowed by the state without documentation.

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BANKRUPTCY APPELLATE PANEL: Debtor who Objected to Creditor's Claim was Not Entitled to Attorney's Fees (not "Prevailing Party" under California Law), where Creditor Withdrew Claim. There was No Ruling from Bankruptcy Court Ordering the Withdrawal of the Claim [Brosio v. Deutsche Bank National Trust Company (In re Brosio) | ABI Volo Project]

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California law enforcement officers seize Planned Parenthood videos, activist says | Fox News

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Senior Deputy Whitney was killed when her unmarked cruiser was broadsided at an intersection with disabled traffic signals. A power outage had disabled the traffic signals and everyone was treating the intersection as a four way stop, which is California law when traffic signals do not work. After Deputy Whitney stopped she began to proceed through the intersection when the cruiser was struck on the driver's side door by a pickup truck who's driver failed to stop. She was taken to a local…

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