I never expected to find a style inspiration in Dr Who! Jenna Coleman's polished mid length locks and fringe are perfection!

Doctor Who: why Clara Oswald should stay

Reports suggest that far from leaving, Jenna Coleman is signing on for more episodes of Doctor Who. Great – Clara is a wonderful companion who has finally found the right Doctor, says Dan Martin

California Girls [HD] - David Lee Roth #DavidLeeRoth Groovy! "California Girls" is a song by American rock band The Beach Boys featured on their ninth studio album Summer Days (And Summer Nights!!) (1965). Wri...

California Girls [HD] - David Lee Roth Memories of the bizarre and beautiful and plain crazy ol' Dave.

Beach Boys (CALIFORNIA GIRLS) Song Lyric Poster

Beach Boys (CALIFORNIA GIRLS) Song Lyric Poster

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I was born and raised in California. No matter where I live, I'll always be a California girl...Repost if your a Cali girl!!!!

I'm going to be a California Girl soon, and you know what they say! California Girls are Unforgettable :)

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I prefer this look to their two piece items with either tulle bustle for jazz or chiffon skirt for lyrical.