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09. Workflow Order – Don't Sweat It!

Lightroom workflow suggestion 1. Camera Calibration (raw images only) 2. Crop 3. Reduce Noise 4. White Balance 5. Exposure and other Basic sliders 6. Tone Curve 7. HSL 8. Local Area Adjustments 9. Effects (Vignette) 10. Sharpen

Multi + Cormay - Semi-automatic chemistry analyzer - Wavelenght: 330-800 nm - Reaction cuvette: Flow-cell or plastic disposable cuvettes (10 µl) - Report: Print synthetic report, test parameter, reaction curve, calibration curve, quality control data figure

Reach and Flexibility - mass effect/jane austen cross over (if only....)




Ricoh releases a mobile digital signage solution for curved surfaces

Ricoh releases a mobile digital signage solution for curved surfaces | The new solution is designed to calibrate multiple images on one screen, regardless of the surface's shape. Buying advice from the leading technology site

Chemistry Chemistry - $5 I need to plot the observed emf in mV vs logarithm of ppm F to obtain a calibration curve. From a prepared stock solution of 100 mL and the KCl molarity is 0.1M for it. From dilution of this solution, a 20 ppm, 10ppm, 5ppm, 2.5ppm, and 1.25 ppm were made. Im not sure how to go about setting this up. The weight of NaF used was 221 mg and the emf data for the dilutions are: 20ppm=276 mV , 10ppm=279 mV , 5ppm=284 mV , 2.5ppm= 289 mV , 1.25ppm=297 mV. to view the…

"Grunt maybe tank-bred, but fem!Shep and him both know that he is her adopted son." Submitted by fascinatem3.


Measure twice! Preparing to make an absorbance calibration curve. #wazwed #wersa #sewickley #apchemistry #beerslaw #copper