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Calendar Songs for All 12 Months- we loved these songs, they helped my son learn how to spell all the months of the year and made it fun :)

from Miss Kindergarten

Calendar Time {using interactive calendar notebooks}

Have the students color this page and then have it laminated for each student. This can be used each day for the students to read off of when singing this fun song about weather.


Calender and Morning Board {Routine!}

Song, "Today is..." would be cute to do with students every morning before starting class to help them learn days of the week


Teachers love this Months of the Year song for Kindergarten because as the kids see each month spelled out on screen, an image appears in the background that represents the season that month is in. The images dissolve to the next seasonal image between the month where the seasons change. This fun and catchy calendar song will really help your children memorize the sequence of the 12 months of the year.


If you poke around on her blog, you'll find a nifty song for each month of the year to help kids remember how to spell the months.

from How To Run A Home Daycare

Teach the Days of the Week with this Easy 5 minute Routine

An easy and enjoyable way to teach the Days of the Week to your daycare children. I've sung these calendar songs a million times in the last 15 years and I feel joy every time. A beautiful daily ritual to connect and teach with your little ones.

from Teachers Pay Teachers

Morning routine song posters

This resource includes 10 morning routine songs to sing during the mat session/ circle time. #backtoschool 5 good morning songs 3 days of the week songs 1 weather song 1 months of the year song You can find out more information about all of these products on our website Please follow our TPT store so that we can keep you up to date with our sales and new resources.