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Sir John Kyffin Williams: 'Farm, Llanddona', c.1958 (Welsh,1918-2006) He lived at Pwllfanogl, Llanfairpwll on the Island of Anglesey. Williams is widely regarded as the defining artist of Wales during the 20th century (Wikipedia)


Was Stonehenge a temple for sun worship, a healing centre, a burial site or perhaps a huge calendar? How did our ancestors manage to carry the mighty stones from so far away and then, using only the most primitive of tools, build this amazing structure? Surrounded by mystery, Stonehenge never fails to impress. Distance from Shaftesbury to Stonehenge is 25 miles


Need to see your Garden Plans? This website offers a virtual garden so you can look up plants, use gardening guides, planting styles, and planting plans to transform your garden area.


The Iroquois believe that dreaming is one of the most important ways to accumulate authentic power. Here we find a fundamental understanding that is largely missing from Western analysis: that dreaming can be a source of vital energy and that dreams can be transformers, allowing us to tap into a universal, inexhaustible source of authentic power. Dreamwork, for me, is even more about channeling energy than about harvesting information. RM, Dreamways of the Iroquois.


Chuck Close: Self-Portrait. Celebrated as one of the most influential figurative painters of our time, Chuck Close has remained a vital presence by focusing exclusively on portraiture, a genre often under-recognized in contemporary art. Since the 1960s, Close has used his inimitable style of realistic painting to portray a wide range of ...


watercolour painting of sleeping dragons for the Disc World Calendar, 2006 by Jackie Morris -


Colliding galaxies make love, not war Credit: NASA, ESA, and the Hubble Heritage Team STScI/AURA)-ESA/Hubble Collaboration. Acknowledgement: B. Whitmore ( Space Telescope Science Institute) and James Long (ESA/Hubble).


This is a neat way to teach about integers. Use the 5 day forecast to challenge the students to find Friday's forecast. You tell them how much it will go up or down and they do the math. Wish I had seen this earlier.