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Shade Garden Plants 1.Sweet Woodruff 2.Cotton Candy Grass 3. Bigroot Geranium 4. Impatiens 5. Fuchsia 6. Coral Bells 7. Coleus 8. Catnip 9. White Queen Caladium 10. Lobelia 11.Feverfew 12.Bleeding Heart 13.Toad Lily 14.Meadowsweet 15.Miss Indigo Primrose 16.Astilbe 17.Pulmonaria (Lungwort) 18.Yellow Corydalis 19.Celandine Wood Poppy 20.Hellebore

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~Caladium, Moonlight This would be prefect in a moonlight garden! I've never seen it before!!

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6 Tips for Growing Caladiums in Zones 5-7

Caladium Kathleen. Bring summer-long color to a shady garden, patio or porch with this pretty salmon pink caladium. Leaves are upright with a mid-green border.

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Use Tropical Shade Plants in Your Garden: Sensational snowbush and cool caladiums are perfect together in a container garden. | From @costafarms

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Agapanthus Flowers: Tips For Growing Agapanthus Plants

I love Agapanthus. Saw them everywhere in Cornwall - looked stunning. They don't look quite as good as this in my garden- yet!

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This caladium mix can stand up to the heat and give you great color in your garden throughout the summer.

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