Fruit cake made out of watermelon

Mouth-Watering Pics to Put You in a Good Food Mood

Berry Mascarpone Layer Cake - layers of moist vanilla cake, fresh berry filling and whipped mascarpone frosting! // @Life_Love_Sugar

Berry Mascarpone Layer Cake

Berry Mascarpone Layer Cake - layers of perfect vanilla cake, fresh berry filling and whipped mascarpone frosting!

Try this Organic #Coconut Bark made with edible #flowers, hmmmm

Healthy and gorgeous snack? Try this Organic Coconut Bark made with edible flowers, hmmmm

Five layers of cotton candy colored creaminess and cake! This vegan ice cream cake is a delicious summer dessert featuring my favorite So Delicious products.

A five layered cold, colorful cotton candy cake! Made with gluten-free cake and vegan frozen desserts, this is a show-stopping (but simple!

Yorkshire Tea Loaf from clandestine cake club

Often the only cake on many Edwardian tea tables for a small gathering.

Classic Christmas cake - hopefully I can ice mine well.

Classic Christmas Cake

It begins with the aroma of oranges and clove. It begins with selection and remembrance. It begins and ends with gurgles of brandy. Shrivelled fruits who thought they’d never feel plump again swell.

Mary Berry's Victorian Christmas cake recipe: not a fan of the dark, dense Christmas cakes covered in icing? Mary Berry's Victorian version is lighter in texture and gorgeously decorated with nuts and dried fruits.

Mary Berry's Victorian Christmas cake, From traditional Christmas cakes with gorgeous decorations to quick and quirky fondant figures, get inspired with our easy Christmas cake recipes, ideas and designs

Wow - a healthy fruit "cake" nearly as impressive as a baked one! Way healthier, too. | Apron Strings

Super impressive fruit recipes for a party. Move over, cake.

July ~ How to make a tiered watermelon cake with fresh fruit decorations. Click the link on the bottom of the post to check out all kinds of watermelon cakes. Great for any summer or outdoor party or a glutenfree diet. From Apron Strings.