Cadbury wispa

Better than chocolate Aero because it's Cadbury's chocolate, but it's probably worth getting a normal Dairy Milk

pin 8 | Cadbury Wispa | Cadbury Wispa is a chocolate bar made by Cadbury UK. The bar was launched in 1981 as a trial version in North East England and with its success it was introduced nationally in 1983.[2] It was seen as a competitor to Rowntree's Aero (Now owned by Nestlé).[1] In 2003, as part of a relaunch of the Cadbury Dairy Milk brand, the Wispa brand was discontinued and the product relaunched as "Dairy Milk Bubbly". As part of the relaunch, the product ...

Favourite chocolate bar - pity you can't get them in Australia often or easily... Cadbury Wispa Gold |

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