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Dairy Milk is Britain’s best-loved and iconic chocolate bar. Without it, the UK would probably come to a complete standstill.

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My granddad bought me this in the early 1980s. Exactly this style. I used to love refilling it.

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Scotch Creme Eggs

Scotch Creme Eggs... omg. Cadbury Creme Eggs covered in chocolate brownie and rolled in sprinkles. Sinfully delicious!!! Click for the full recipe!

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The 'Flake' chocolate bar was first developed in 1920. An employee of Cadburys noted that when the excess from the molds used to create other chocolate bars was drained off, it fell off in a stream and created folded chocolate with flaking properties. In 1930, Cadbury started producing a smaller version of the standard Flake bar especially for ice cream cones. These were marketed under the name 99 Flake and sold loose in boxes rather than individually wrapped like the traditional Flake.

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Spira’s distinctive form came from new chocolate extrusion technology. And rumour has it that some Spira customers used to bite the ends of the hollow chocolate ‘straw’ and then use it to drink hot beverages, melting the inside. So wrong it’s right!

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Loved Old Jamaica chocolate bars launched in 1970, much better than the copies nowadays! now here

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