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What to do with a cable reel?

Use cable reels as tables for play areas, both indoors and outdoors. Can paint them all kinds of fun colors! This black one makes me think of chalkboard paint! - B

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Here's One Thing You Have To Do In Santorini!

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Cable Knit Throw

Ben-Chynna Warner Those blankets, lined with soft material on one side--I WANT those! Love the cable knit look!!!! I need to keep learning to knit!

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These cable knit headbands are my latest addiction. I have first seen them in a book and knitted one for myself. Then forgot all about it an...

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May 8 Cabling without a cable needle

This is one of those little tricks that makes a huge difference to how fast and efficiently you can knit. Once you get the hang of it simple cables will barely interrupt your flow. For cables that involve multiple crossings at once or large numbers of stitches you'll probably want the security of using a cable needle. Front crossing (left leaning) twists Bring the right needle behind the work and insert it through all of the stitches that will be at the back of the twist, from right…

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What to do with a cable reel?

From an old cable reel and artificial grass, ideal for small world play or for displaying items for investigation and exploration

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