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Buzzfeed video staff

Ned Fulmer // Ella Mielniczenko // Gaby Dunn // Eugene Lee Yang // Allison Raskin // Zach Kornfeld // Ashly Perez // Keith Habersberger // Quinta B // Buzzfeed

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Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, but that eye can see things very differently depending on where (and when) it is. Buzzfeed's video staff explored this idea by creating a video with live models showing us how the concept of an ideal woman's body type has changed throughout history.

Obama Cries As He Thanks His Campaign Staff

But this simple display of emotion was a gift. This was a gift to little girls, to assure them that crying isn't some stupid thing only girls do that makes them less than. This was a gift to little boys, to assure them that boys do cry—and so do men.

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