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There are two leg kicks in butterfly, but most people learning this stroke only make one. This makes swimming the butterfly more tiring and less efficient...

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Breaststroke is another stroke that many swimmers enjoy either for recovery or to work different muscle groups than freestyle or backstroke.

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▶ Perfect your Butterfly stroke - This video was created with an elite swim coach to help you get more from your swimming sessions

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24 Pictures That Are Actually A Little Too Real For Swimmers

When your butterfly stroke looks very different at the beginning of a race than it does at the end:

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Moor Sands, Prawle Point, South Devon Between Salcombe and Dartmouth, the sublime coastline of Prawle Point is the most southerly point in Devon, boasting dozens of secret beaches and sunbathing spots. During summer, it’s a joy to peruse the rock pools for wildlife, as bright blue butterflies flutter in the distance and buzzards circle overhead. Swim out to the small offshore rock stack to find sandy Elender Cove, tucked away at the far end of Gammon Head

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This is so incredibly accurate except for the fact that "swimmers" is spelled wrong! I still like the saying though!

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