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.1600, from Latin chrysallis, from Greek khrysallis (genitive khrysallidos) "golden colored pupa of the butterfly," from khrysos "gold," perhaps of Semitic origin (cf. Hebrew and Phoenician harutz "gold") + second element meaning something like "sheath."

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I want to break free: The amazing moment a butterfly bursts from its chrysalis

Wildlife enthusiast Jimmy, who is a professional artist, raised the Charaxes jasius or Foxy Emperor from a caterpillar and waited until they formed a chrysalis.

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Cicada just emerged from pupa, when the white vessels in the wings turn black they are ready to fly

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WM | whitehot magazine of contemporary art | May 2011, Mannerism and Modernism: The Kasper Collection of Drawings and Photographs

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Pupa; from caterpillar to butterfly . . . Things that Quicken the Heart: Animals in Art - Adam Fuss

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