How to Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Attract butterflies to your garden with a beautiful hanging butterfly feeder! Besides bringing a magical beauty to any garden, butterflies help promote growth by pollinating flowers! Perfect nature craft for Summer Solstice/Litha.

Make butterfly feeder for garden (12 easy projects

12 wonderful butterfly feeders, great projects for everyone sakeButterflies not only add to the beauty but they also pollinate our flowers. Make handmade butterfly feeder to attract butterflies to your garden with kids.

How to Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Homemade Butterfly Feeder - Save any overripe fruit. Add a squirt of honey, blend it coarsely in a blender, then divide the mixture into freezer containers.

Do you want to attraction butterflies to an area of your yard? Here is How to Make Butterfly Nectar - Make this quick and simple butterfly nectar recipe to draw butterflies into your garden.

7 Ways to Attract Butterflies to Your Yard

7 ways to attract butterflies to your yard - Butterflies add a little magic and beauty to every yard and garden. They also can be very useful in pollinating.

Make A DIY Butterfly Feeder In 6 Easy Steps

Homemade Butterfly Feeder~Use 4 parts water to one part sugar, and add over-ripe fruit. Bright colors will attract them. I'm thinking of adding a butterfly feeder to the blueberry garden next spring.

Bring in the Butterflies

Bring in the Butterflies. Attract butterflies to your garden and yard with this DIY butterfly feeder! I'd also use plastic peanut butter jars.

How to Make a Homemade Butterfly Feeder

Bowl of Butterflies by heartcaptured: Taken at The Butterfly House at Hershey Gardens, PA. This little bowl of orange slices attracted butterflies in droves

Have you ever wondered, “What do butterflies eat?” Have you ever been curious about which local butterflies you can find in your own backyard? Find out so you can plant the right plants to help our these beauties as they migrate or pass through your area.

10 Cheap but creative ideas for your garden 8

putting a scouring pad in a shallow bowl with sugar water Butterfly Feeder - Butterfly Garden Forum - GardenWeb

Bee and Butterfly Waterer

[Isn't this pretty! A piece of art as well as a drinking place for the bees and butterflies. They did a good job choosing a plate that resembles a flower.] Turn a dinner plate into a pretty Bee & Butterfly Waterer in minutes with easy to find supplies

How to Make a Butterfly Feeder

Attract beneficial pollinators to your garden with a butterfly feeder. This simple butterfly feeder is easy to make & will bring you lovely winged visitors.