French Butter Keeper or Butter Bell Crock - I think this is the best idea ever! Can't wait to get one.

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Anatomy of a Butter Bell this is so much better than having to whip up butter while dogging the globs flying at you at warp speed! Trying to save a little on spreadable butter is not fun, I think a nice investment for sure here! #butter, #bell, #infographic, via

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Delicious Chicken slow cooked in a peanut sauce that will leave the whole family begging for seconds!

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My cousin came to visit. After cooking in my kitchen these were the gadgets she had to go out and buy right away!

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BUTTER BELL A simple household item that employs this technology is the butter bell. In very warm climates, keeping butter at room temperature would result in a butter puddle. The butter bell is a piece of crockery, the size of a large coffee mug, that places a layer of water around the butter, keeping it at a cooler temperature as the water evaporates through the ceramic surface. This results in a spreadable pat of butter without the use of artificial refrigeration.

Butter Bell Crocks are a wonderful way to keep butter soft. I have one of can get them at the At-Home Store in FF :)

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