from the Guardian

Tom Hanks on his diabetes, pirates and rapping with Dan Aykroyd

The gosh-darned nicest guy in Hollywood is in town to promote his new movie, Captain Phillips. But all anyone wants to talk about is the news he has type-two diabetes …


This image has been composed so Obama is in the center of the image with you looking slightly up towards him, making him the main focus of the image with a very high power look, but yet approachable with how he is sitting. I feel the lighting in this is a bit harsh and would have suited it better with a slighter softer lighting.


I like the posing and angle of this portrait...very manly. The crop also is interesting, I like the fact that he isn't all in it and that you can look beyond him...but with him posed like the way he is why would you want to look beyond him.


Portrait of Steve Groves, chief executive of Partnership who came first in the Sunday Times list of private equity companies with the fastest growing profits.

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