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Etsy Shop Names: How To Name Your Etsy Shop

The name you choose for your Etsy shop can make a big difference in the success of your handmade business. Get tips on getting it right on the CreativeLive blog.

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How To Name Your Business: 5 Rules To Stick By

How To Name Your Business: 5 Rules To Stick By | Coming up with a business name is hard work. This guide is perfect for creative entrepreneurs, bloggers and small business owners who are starting a business or planning a rebrand! Click through to find out my top tips and tricks for naming a business and get your hands on your free workbook!

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We take in a ton of information in a day, some of it consciously and some subconsciously. I have a hard enough time remembering the important tasks to keep my life and business on track, let alone trying to remember another busines...

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Do you package your handmade cream in a jar? Do you have the product name, volume and your business’ name and address clearly printed on each label? If not, you may be in violation of laws when it comes to packaging and labeling. Click to find out what they are and links to other label and packaging rules for products you sew or knit.

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Types of Business Name for Companies -

Types of Business Name for Companies -

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How To Name Your Business, The Art Behind It

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How To Choose a Blog or Business Name

How To Choose a Blog or Business Name | Wonder Forest: Design Your Life.

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The Introverts Guide to Running a Profitable Business

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How to Pick the Perfect Name for Your Business

How to Choose the Perfect Business Name | Feeling frustrated and annoyed because you can't decide on a business name? Check out this blog post with a FREE worksheet on how to decide on a business name you love!

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The anatomy of a logo design

At first glace, a logo design seems simple. But as a brand designer, I know that there is so much more than meets the eye that goes into a logo design. Careful thought and intentional consideration goes in to choosing fonts, colors, and layout so that each logo tells the right story and communicates the right message. A logo is more than just your business name in a pretty font. And while it should definitely look good, there is also meaning behind the design choices and composition of the…

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