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LOTS of bushcraft skills here! Net making, not only for fishing, but can be used for enclosures for birds or to catch them. Articles and Tutorials-

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Try stick. One stick with all the different cuts and notches you're likely to need. Would be a great long term undertaking for the kids, a testimony to their tenacity and developing skills.

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25 Obscure Bushcraft Survival Skills

Make Your Own Rope | Bushcraft Survival Skills: A Great Mindset for Resourcefulness and Preparation

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Learning How To Disappear Is Easier Than Actually Doing It. However, You Have Success With The Right Amount Of Planning And Preparation. This Article Shows You How To Disappear Without A Trace.

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Survival Skills For Kids - Fire Starting Challenge

Get big kids unplugged, outside and enjoying nature with this fire starting challenge, no matches allowed! Your tweens and teens will love this awesome bushcraft activity. NO FIRE = NO COOKING = NO DINNER! Are your kids up for a survival skills challenge?

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Urban Foraging: The Ultimate in Local Eating

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Choosing the Best Firewood

Choosing the Best Firewood | Common Firewood Types, along with their Benefits and Drawbacks | Outdoor Survival Skills, check it out at

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10 C's of Survivability by Pathfinder