The dark purple foliage of Black Lace is perpetually fabulous...but looks even better with the sophisticated accent of pink flowers!

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Here's a different spin on hanging floral baskets: An antique bird cage with flowers spilling out from within.

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Echium webbii (Echium webbii) is a frost hardy biennial evergreen plant with blue flowers in late Summer and mid Summer. It grows well in direct sun, and prefers medium levels of water. The flowers are arranged in a panicle inflorescence. It has high drought tolerance. It looks best in Summer.

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Honeysuckle Lonicera japonica "Darts World," spring through to summer, evergreen, can tolerate sun or part shade, fragrant flowers

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Cultivation: Grow in moist, well-drained soil in full sun, against a sunny wall. Suggested uses: City, Cottage/Informal, Beds and borders, Wallside and trellises Soil types: Chalky, Clay, Sandy Soil drainage: Moist but well-drained, Well-drained Soil pH: Alkaline, Neutral Light: Full Sun Aspect: South, West Exposure: Sheltered Hardiness: Tender in frost (H3)

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rose Cardinal de Richelieu (gallica) Dense clusters of sumptuous, fragrant, fully double, deep burgundy-purple flowers in June and July and dark green leaves. This gorgeous, gallica rose is an excellent specimen plant for a mixed or shrub border in sun or partial shade. On virtually thorn-less stems, the rounded blooms make exquisite cut-flowers. Eventual Height: 1m Eventual Spread: 1.2m

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Such a lovely way to soften architectural elements in the garden...... Deep fuscia dahlias, tall phlox, lavenders, salvias, etc. Excellent height with an English county garden feel

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"Smoke bush - this is a wonderful bush for the garden. The blooms are very airy, thus the name "smoke" bush. Also changes colors with the seasons"

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