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from Hackaday

Using old phones as an intercom in your VW bus (or anywhere else)

Public bus. 4 day pass $100/fam. 9 Route to Pearl Harbor. 8, 19, 20, 23, 42 to Polynesian Cultural Center. 22,23 to Sea Life Park. Stadium/Flea Market 20,42. MIGHT BE EASIER TO JUST RENT A CAR???

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The King Of Grunge Typography

david carson the use of typeography and the way the text overlap eachover giving it more of a feel of a poster design


Pre 1971 Money. Money was divided into pounds (£) shillings (s. or /-) and pennies (d.). Thus, 4 pounds, eight shillings and fourpence would be written as £4/8/4d. or £4-8-4d.

from Vintage Adventures

1948 National Trailways Bus System Ad "For winter travel"

1948 NATIONAL TRAILWAYS BUS SYSTEM vintage print advertisement "For winter travel" ~ To Snowlands ... To Sunlands ... For winter travel at Lowest Fares -- take Trailways ... Enjoy Economy And Luxury Too, Aboard Trailways Comfort-planned Buses ... Trailways Serves the Nation at "Scenery Level" ~