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It took 40,000 black ppl walking to work for 381 days in Montgomery bus boycott, & Rosa Parks, to make history.

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James Earl Ray is the confessed murderer of Martin Luther King Jr. He was not captured on the day the crime, but was arrested at London's Heathrow Airport two months later. Ray confessed to the crime on March 10, 1969, although three days later he recan

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Rosa Parks booking photo. She was prosecuted along with Martin Luther King, Jr and 91 others for starting the 1955 Montgomery Bus Boycott.

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November 13, 1956 – The United States Supreme Court declares Alabama and Montgomery, Alabama laws requiring segregated buses illegal, thus ending the Montgomery Bus Boycott. The National City Lines bus, No. 2857, on which Rosa Parks was riding before she was arrested (a GM "old-look" transit bus, serial number 1132), is now a museum exhibit at the Henry Ford Museum.

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Montgomery Bus Boycott | Today in History: The Montgomery Bus Boycott Began – SAT News ...NORTH CAROLINA......STILL Students

The First Civil Rights Bus Boycott

On June 18, 1953 the black citizens' group United Defense League announced a bus boycott in Baton Rogue LA. The boycott lasted only a week, with the adoption of mixed seating on buses except for the first and last two seats. Two years later Dr. Martin Luther King called Rev. T. J. Jemison for strategy that could be used in Montgomery. #TodayInBlackHistory

Civil Rights Mug Shots: Heroes Of The Montgomery Bus Boycott And Freedom Rides - Flashbak

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