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Burkitt lymphoma, medium-size b cell lymphoma, t(8;14) c-myc overespression

BURKITT'S LYMPHOMA - Sarah Taylor, from Wiltshire, shares her story about being diagnosed with Burkitt's Lymphoma:

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Cancer virus discovery helped by delayed flight


Caspase 5-Western blot analysis of whole cell lysate from Ramos, Burkitt's lymphoma deribed B-lymphoblastoid cells probed with Rabbit anti Human caspase-5 (AHP965) at 0.5(A), 1(B) and 2(C) ug/ml

Cancer virus discovery helped by delayed flight

"Once the link between Epstein Barr virus and Burkitt lymphoma was established, other seemingly unrelated conditions followed. These include a cancer at the back of the nose which is the commonest cancer seen in men in southern China. There is also a link to Hodgkins lymphoma, a cancer of the white blood cells. "Each one came out of the blue," according to Epstein, "and we've just heard about another. About 20% of Japanese cancers of the stomach are associated with the virus.

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Multiple Defects Impair the HLA Class II Antigen Presentation Capacity of Burkitt Lymphoma