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In other words I'm gonna walk away after bringing you down with every stinging word that comes out of my mouth

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If you think you're protecting someone's feelings by lying, you are sadly mistaken. I'm too old for that kind of nonsense. Get over yourself.

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35 Beautiful Inspirational Quotes

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Rebel Circus: I'm not the type to tiptoe through the tulips. I would rather bulldoze through the bullshit.

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Day 3: 5 Habits to Make Marriage a Priority

FUCK YOU FAKE ASS MFS HATE TO SEE YOU DOIN BETTER THAN THEM. Only someone who truly doesn't give a fuck about you, would prefer you to live a life of drugs and bullshit. GROW UP BITCH.

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'Bollocks' neon at Philip Oakley Illuminations, England. The british version of my bullshit card.

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