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Thierry Henry factfile

Thierry Henry, after a tricky start he established himself as perhaps the greatest import in Premier League history

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Graphic music scores - in pictures

Ligeti's 1958 Artikulation was one of his only two experimental electronics compositions. Two decades later, Rainer Wehinger created a visual listening score for the work; watch an animation of it here.Photograph: sounduk

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Lol. So true, I have too much stage fright to sing in front of people, but give me shower and I will belt out a tune

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Ding, ding, ding, ding, ding! Bulls eye! Score! - How else can you say: EXACTLY!!

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Red Bull BC One Android Game - , Become an actual champion in Breakdance! combat against champion of the champion, learn to do the most air-conditioned changes and triumph admire of the gathering. Forget about force quality, allow your body to move in beat of sound. In the game there s satisfactory three-dimensional graphics, down-to-earth dancing of art - about 650 contradictory changes from actual world stars, 28 levels from easy to strenuous, 14 known global areas in…

Red Bull AR Reloaded Android Game - , The game Red Bull AR Reloaded will assist you to feel an actual speed and to take the wheel of an actual automobile of Formula 1. On the most mighty race vehicles you will pass on paths of such known countries, as Monaco, Italy and Germany. entrance on Facebook will allow you to create your own paths and to express your colleagues about your properities. Control system in the game is very soft. To speed the automobile or to restraint, it…

I really hope this doesn't happen. If it does, it's probably something like Victor cracking his knee and never being able to skate again.

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Designer Laia Clos, of Barcelona’s Mot Studio, created a visual language called “SisTeMu” that turns every note of music into a system of geometric shapes and bright colours.

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