How Bull Riding Started

Sounds pretty much right, jus do the math . 1 bull - plus 1 cowboy at plus case a beer = the sport a Bullridin' . n THAT's how the sport a Bullridin' came to be, as did the phrase, 'Here, hold this beer n watch this'

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Collin bull riding which is his life but it could end his life and has already cost him so much.

Bull Rider's Prayer, Love Bull riders, I'm going to marry one someday!

Bull Rider's Prayer, Love Being one an will be till the I can't stand up and walk outta the arena !

Andrew A. Nelles - Photojournalist: Bull Riding

Ride a bull, in a rodeo. It doesn't matter if I make the whistle I just want to feel that thrill all my rodeo friends talk about.

Well, I gotta admit that's why I played Football & Baseball... But I am a Rodeo fan!

Took my kiddo to the Grand National Rodeo this past weekend & we had a blast! Loved ever event but especially the bull riding!

J.B. Mauney and Bushwacker. Ger ready for the PBR...starting October 22nd in Las Vegas!

Known as one of the best bulls to ever be in professional rodeo. My all-time favorite bull.