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Biskvitena Torta - Bulgarian biscuit cake. A traditional dish you are likely to find on a food tour from Viator. Find out more at: #Travel Bulgaria #Bulgarian Food #Food Tours Bulgaria

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Old rag pie

In Greece, there are two variants of this filo cheese pie, one sweet, one savoury, but this version merges the two, adding honey to salty feta, to create what Nigella Lawson best describes (in taste terms) as a Greek cheesecake.

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Summery vegetable mish-mash - A bulgarian dish of mixed and cooked Vegetables,Cheese and Eggs.

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Greek Ravani / Revani recipe (Coconut cake with syrup)

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Extra syrupy Tulumba recipe (Fried dough pastries)

TULUMBA (FRIED PASTRY WITH SYRUP) Tulumba is a popular dessert found in the cuisines of the former Ottoman Empire. It is a fried pastry soaked in syrup. Delicious!

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Bulgarian Orehovki- Little Pecan Cookies

These cookies are typically made in Bulgaria around Christmas. Very easy to make and yet so decadent. Very little sugar is used in this recipe so you can truly appreciate the pecan flavor.

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A Taste of Bulgaria: Bavlaka Recipe

Baklava Recipe. A Bulgarian dessert (walnut pie)

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