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The captain of the Queen Mary 2 stands in front of the ship

Captain world's largest cruiseliner perches in the front of his ship #DailyMail

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Captain Poses For Epic Picture On Bow Of His Huge Ship

Captain Kevin Oprey on the bulbous bow of the Queen Mary 2 (QMII) cruise liner's 10th anniversary. The shoot took place at a port off the coast of Bali with two safety boats positioned nearby just in case. Photographer James Morgan.

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Dramatic Photos Of Queen Mary 2 Captain Standing On Bulbous Bow

Cunard Line have release some dramatic photos of the Queen Mary 2 captain standing on the bulbous bow, These photos are impressive and slightly scary due to the size of the ton ship. The photos were taken on Sunday March while the ship was a mile from the

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In this seemingly implausible photo we see Alex Thomson performing what he calls the ‘keel walk’, a stunt that has become infamous in the sailing world thanks to this photograph. As his 8-tonne carbon fibre yacht, Hugo Boss, sails on edge, Alex pulls up in a 255-horsepower ski jet and leaps onto the keel of the boat. Be sure to check out the embedded video below for proof of this epic feat. Alex Thomson, the Sifter salutes you.

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QUANTUM OF THE SEAS the bulb, ready to be installed. Yard-Number 697, Block 42, weight 176 tons. In August she will leave the Building Hall of the famous Meyer Yard and start her sea trials in September.

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The front of the Lotus Sport 110's bottom bracket area resembles the bulbous bow of a ship. That perhaps isn't surprising given that the lat...