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Bulbasaur Nicknames

Maybe next time Benedict Cumberbatch…

Lol these are AMAZING!!! Been-around-the Cabbagepatch is my favourite. Oh my God, I died.

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Cool - Electrode Pokemon Electrode - 101 - It explodes in response to even minor stimuli. It is feared, with the nickname of "The Bomb Ball." It stores an overflowing amount of electric energy inside its body. Even a small shock makes it explode. | Check out more electrode Pokemon IDEAS AT POKEPINS.COM | #pokemon #gottacatchemall #electrode #moltres #lileep #delibird #lombre #rufflet #paras #hypno #kadabra #geodude #pikachu #charmander #squirtle #bulbasaur #ferokie #haunter #

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Pokemon: Bulbasaur/Ivysaur/Venasaur. Type: Grass/Poison. Used in: Yellow (evolves into Ivysaur lv.16 and Venasaur, lv. 32). How obtained: Lady in Cerulean City. Gender: N/A. Ability: N/A. Nickname: Hedera (Latin, meaning "Ivy"). Starting level: 10. End game: Level 53, move-set = Leech Seed, Razor Leaf, Solarbeam, Cut.

Vulpix? Way more like it, the evolved version of this Pokemon is one of my prized possessions and linked to the mythical yokais called Kitsunes...ok that's enough culture lessons for one pin

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sherlockspeare: anothersherlockian: I NEARLY... - surround-sound-sugar-skulls

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Why would Sherlock shatter your heart, frankly it's very, very interesting just watching an INTJ (even if he is fictional) and I can relate to him way too much. Though I still don't see how it could break your heart.

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