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This sculptural facade also doubles as an air-cleaning cladding. The tiles are produced by Elegant Embellishments (called the Prosolve 370e). They are lightweight, thermoformed plastic tiles coated in powdered, photocatalytic titanium dioxide (TiO2) which scrubs pollution from the air. #facade #material #pollution

from Gizmodo

5 Smart Building Skins That Breathe, Farm Energy, and Gobble Up Toxins

“At night they will all fold, so they will all close, so you’ll see more of the facade," Aedas director Peter Oborn told The National. "It's using an old technique in a modern way, which also responds to the aspiration of the emirate to take a leadership role in the area of sustainability."


Buildings are responsible for 30% of energy use in the United States. As our existing building stock ages, much of the power consumption in our cities will be the result of buildings that were cons…

MRT Building in Berlin - the "skin" is made up of operable aluminum mesh panels so workers can manipulate natural lighting and airflow.