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Trapped in a bubble! Scientists shed light on the Earth's galactic neighbourhood

Complex: The Sun is seen as central to our solar system, but even that is on its own journey through the 'Local Bubble'

Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Trek Through Space [Infographic]

Mapping Voyager 1's Incredible 36-Year Trek Through Space [Infographic]

STEM Infographic: Voyager 1 spacecraft's biggest moments are shown in this chart covering the last 36 years... Voyager 1 is almost 12 billion miles away now! and moving at 36,000 miles per hour!...Voyager 1 will be the first ever object we've sent outside our solar system.


An incredibly stunning solar flare erupted from the sun's surface throwing charged particles and searing plasma millions of miles out into space. The blast was was not directed at the earth and it is unlikely to hit any of the planets in our solar system.

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By Richard Gray Ellie Zolfagharifard For

Nasa has released an image taken by the probe's Visual and Infrared Spectrometer…

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18 Solar System Projects (Living Life Intentionally)

Whether you are diving into an astronomy unit in your homeschool / classroom or your child just has a natural curiosity about space, here are 18 Solar System Projects your kids will love! Read more »

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The Sun as you've never seen it: Nasa reveals stunning footage from new satellite

Ring of fire: Known as a 'prominence eruption', this is a loop of gas heated to an extremely high temperature. Twisted magnetic fields on the Sun's surface cause the gas to be shaped like this. This image was captured by the satellite on March 30


This image is part of the sequence Environment: Earth layers. Credit: Gary Hincks

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Zero-carbon eco home is light years ahead

The world's first Active House stands at the crest of an estate. Its south-facing roof is covered in solar panels and solar cells, which between them harness more than enough power to keep the occupants warm and the appliances running. In around 30 years' time, if designers have got their sums right, the excess electricity flowing from the house into Denmark's grid will have cancelled out the energy costs of building it, leaving a non-existent footprint on the earth's resources.

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Space Songs

Here are some fun songs to sing with your students when studying space. FREEBIE download If you enjoy songs and learning. I have created a full week’s worth of curriculum that focuses on our solar system. You can find this space poem by clicking HERE. We love learning about space and our solar system. Here...Read More »