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Van Conversions Camper Van Restoration *I KNOW it's not an Airstream, but a similar shape, and a good idea is a idea.*


'63 Buick Riviera Silver Arrow I .The Buick Riviera released in 1962, wasn’t quite the car that GM stylist Bill Mitchell had in mind when he designed a luxury coupe, originally intended for Cadillac or GM’s shuttered La Salle brand. A Riviera was sent it to Creative Industries. The resulting show car, became Mitchell’s personal transportation when it wasn’t on the show circuit. C.I. lowered the roof by two inches, then lengthened the hood and front fenders & styled the front lights…


Buick Riviera Boattail, I've owned 2 actually. This first one was a GS that was primer red. The second was a black beauty I had originally built for a client. I later traded my '64 Buick wagon for it.


1971 Buick Riviera GS- not as elegant as the 1963-1965 Rivs, but I've always had a place in my heart for the big boat-tailed ones. Remove the boat anchor 455 and replace with a nice LS7 and 6L90 6-speed automatic, slightly lowered, black tinted windows, killer stereo and appropriate wheels/rubber, that would make for a superb executive Hot Rod.


1965 Buick Riviera When in High School,I drove my parent's white 65 Riviera. It had saddle leather seats, Teak wood interior trim, and a brass plate that read, "Made Especially for Shannon Daily" (me) I loved that car!


1972 Buick Riviera .... #Beauty!! .......... .............


Jack Vettriano Riviera Retro Oil on canvas 20 x 16 inches


Natalie Portman Escapes Her Beautiful French Wedding in a Helicopter (in Gorgeous New Miss Dior Ad, That Is): Exclusive Photos!

As we discussed this idea it will be very good to spell out to potential customers that you are a designer and artisan, not merely a sales person. It would be great if you can pin some of your drawings to this board for me to have an idea but if you can't don't worry. Just bring few with you on the day and we can choose which one to put on the model. You can use a current dress you are working on to display on the dummy if you like

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10 idées pour donner un style industriel à sa salle de bain

10 idées pour donner un style industriel à votre salle de bain #industrial #bathroom #sdb #WeLoftYou