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George Moran (August 21, 1891 - February 25, 1957), better known by the alias "Bugs" Moran, was a Chicago Prohibition-era gangster. He has been credited with popularizing the act of drive-by shooting.

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George "Bugs" Moran inherited the North Side gang in Chicago from Mob boss Dion O'Bannion, and by became locked in a bloody turf war with Al Capone. The violence between the two bosses climaxed in 1929 with the St. Valentine's Day Massacre.

1926 Hawthorn st. Hotel Al Capones headquarters sept 26 shot up by Bugs Moran leading too Bugs death in the St Valentine's Day massacre

The Saint Valentine's Day Massacre is the name given to the 1929 murder of seven mob associates as part of a Prohibition-era conflict between two powerful criminal gangs in Chicago: the South Side Italian gang led by Al Capone and the North Side Irish gang led by Bugs Moran.[1]


In severe decline from syphilis he had contracted when he was a much younger man, by 1946, he was reduced to the mentality of a 12-year-old child, according to his doctor, and would rant about Bugs Moran, Communists and immigrants. He had a stroke on January 21, 1947, and died from cardiac arrest four days later.