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How to plan a wedding for under £3000 - budget wedding ideas and tips

Jam jars and supermarket flowers are your best friends when it comes to bringing a big day in under budget. Pick up supermarket blooms the day before, and mix and match them for eclectic table toppers.

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Bride wore a Preloved Lace Wedding Dress for a budget friendly DIY wedding at Lyde Court rustic barn in Wales.

Rustic decor Tin Cans wrapped in Twine and filled with wild flowers | Budget Friendly DIY Decor | Rustic Barn Wedding at Lyde Court in Wales. | Image by Jessica Raphael Photography |

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Budget Friendly DIY Wedding at East Anglian Railway Museum with Bright Colour Scheme

Images by Razia Jukes - Budget Friendly DIY Wedding | East Anglian Railway Museum | Bright Colour Scheme | High Street Bridesmaid Dresses | Fish & Chip Supper | Razia Jukes |

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Cripps Barn Wedding Autumnal Colour Palette Honeysuckle Flowers Lovestruck Photography

Wooden Crate & Ornate Frame Table Plan | Cripps Barn Wedding | Autumnal Colour Palette | Honeysuckle Flowers Lovestruck Photography |

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8 Beautiful and Budget-Friendly Alternatives to Expensive Wedding Flowers

I'm an avid fan of any TV show related to a wedding. I get caught up in the fantasy of the $100,000 ceremony and reception, but in reality mine was a mere

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These IKEA Wedding Hacks Will Save You Some Serious Dough

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What You Need To Know About DIY Wedding Flowers

Wedding planning is a multi-layered process with many decisions. Searching for ways to save is crucial for smaller wedding budgets, but a lot of couples go the DIY route without fully understanding how much time, energy and money it actually requires. Take flowers. Hiring professional florists is often expensive —especially painful when line items (like catering) already take up a huge chunk of the wedding budget. On the other hand, it takes years to learn how to make beautiful bouquets…

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