clear lake, iowa: buddy holly's crash site.  the spot where the beloved rocker with the geek glasses and hiccup-y voice met an early end. the site is often marked with items added by visitors

Clear Lake, Iowa: Buddy Holly Crash Site It's the spot where the beloved rocker with the geek glasses and hiccup-y voice met an early end. The site is often marked with items added by visitors.

Buddy Holly's music is often called "Rockabilly" -- a type of rock music heavily influenced by western/country styles.

Buddy Holly, a legend that was taken from this earth too soon. He would have continued to change the face of rock n roll for many years to come had it not been for his tragic death.

Buddy Holly turned a generation of future heroes – George Harrison, Eric Clapton, Jeff Beck – onto the guitar

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Buddy Holly in a photo booth. I guess we have him to thank for the large-rimmed glasses trend.

Awesome Photos Of Buddy Holly And Waylon Jennings In A Photo Booth

Buddy Holly (7 Sep 1936 - 3 Feb 1959) was an American musician & singer/songwriter who was a central figure of 50's rock & roll. His work with the band, the Crickets, defined the tradition of rock-n-roll lineup of 2 guitars, bass, & drums, and he was considered a 50's icon on par with Elvis, & Ed Sullivan. His untimely death in a plane crash, alongside fellow musician Ritchie Valens, is referred to as The Day the Music Died.

Image detail for -Buddy Holly’s real name was Charles Hardin Holley. When Buddy .

Buddy Holly: the real king of rock n roll!    (as I suspected, this is actually John Mueller, a rockin', very friendly, perfect Buddy impersonator, not Buddy Holly himself)

Buddy Holly (Charles Hardin Holley) 1936 - 1959 Died in a airplane crash

Wow... a young Waylon Jennings with Buddy Holly

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Waylon Jennings & Buddy Holly in a Grand Central Station Photobooth NYC Circa 1959

BUDDY HOLLY - THE BUDDY HOLLY STORY at the Sacramento Community Center Theater December 27, 2013 - January 2, 2014. Tickets:

Buddy Holly and The Crickets - That'll Be the Day - 1957 Album = The "Chirping"' Crickets Song Lyrics

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vintage fashion history and photo gallery of style icon Buddy Holly in nerd-tastic glasses, sweaters and suits, Buddy Holly style by Company Man