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Buddleja davidii (spelling variant Buddleia davidii), also called summer lilac, butterfly-bush, or orange eye,

Buddleja davidii (algemeen) - Vlinderstruik in de Digituin.

Buddleja davidii (algemeen) - Vlinderstruik in de Digituin.

Buddleja davidii 'Panache'

Buddleja davidii 'Panache'

Buddleja davidii 'Royal Red'. Click image to add to your plants list in Shoot and to get care reminders.    Other names: Butterfly bush 'Royal Red', Buddlija 'Royal Red', Buddlea 'Royal Red'  Variety or cultivar: 'Royal Red' _ 'Royal Red' is a large deciduous shrub with arching branches, lance-shaped leaves and long panicles of scented purple-red flowers.    Buddleia are nectar rich plants, which encourage benefical wildlife, such as ladybirds, lacewings and hoverflies into the garden

The Royal Red Buddleia Plant produces long panicles of purplish-red flowers appear in summer and continue until frost on tall stately plant. Buy this plant here:

Butterfly Bush Summer Lilac Seeds (Buddleja Davidii) 50+Seeds - Under The Sun Seeds  - 3

Buddleja Davidii (old spelling Buddleia davidii ); also called summer lilac , butterfly-bush or orange eye ) is a shrub in the Buddlejaceae family . It is native to northwestern China and Japan .

Buddleja davidii Royal Red (Butterfly Bush)

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hoe en wanneer vlinderstruik snoeien

hoe en wanneer vlinderstruik snoeien

sommerfuglebusk Buddleja davidii Black Knight

We have bought a couple of these for our front garden, it probably won't get very big this year but will lovely to have these bringing in butterflies and bees Black Knight Butterfly Bush

Buddleja davidii Adonis Blue  (aka: butterfly bush)

Ground cover instead of a grass lawn! Better for bees, environment and utility bill!